Thursday, March 5, 2009

Travels with kids

This past weekend we took the kids to visit one of my sisters. She's only about four hours away, but the amount of preparation to just leave the house with the kids for even a short jaunt is daunting. But, even that doesn't compare with the torture that is actually going somewhere with a bunch of kids. I believe we were adequately prepared. We had snacks, drinks, movies, pillows, blankets and toys a plenty. Yet...somehow there was still the need to stop five times before we ever got out of the state (umm..we were only 90 mins from the state line). And E. (bless his pesky little heart) asked no less than 600 times if "we were there yet". At one point I think I actually saw steam coming from Misters head. I haven't even mentioned the fights. M. declared that he wished he was the only person on the planet so that E. would quit talking and he could get some sleep. O. began to cough uncontrollably and when I tried to give her an inhaler she tried to scratch my eyes out..all this while I'm contorted trying to reach her in the back seat (she gets a bit testy when she can't breath). S. (who really should know better) kept torturing E. by kicking his seat...or touching him. To make matters worst there was a freak snowstorm threatened and Mister got nervous that we would be trapped at my sisters house so we left less than 24 hours after arriving. So, you see all the drama was just so we could leave the house for a day. My mom wants us to drive to visit her this summer. I've already told her that no amount of money, alcohol or drugs can entice me to venture down that road. I mean seriously I have four sister, has she forgotten already what it's like to travel with kids?


Jen said...

That's rough! We travel a lot with the boys (by my standards) and I know how hard it is with only two - there's no way I'd try it with four!

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

LoL . . . yes, girl!!

Your Mama, like mine, has most likely forgotten the slow torture called getting kids out of the house and traveling with them! Mine certainly has. Actually, I think my mom has forgotten altogether what it was like to have kids. Some of her comments make me think 1) we were *fabulous* kids (doubtful) or 2) she didn't actually raise us (I'm pretty sure it was her) or 3) her memory is shot to hell.