Thursday, March 19, 2009

I heart this

This week I've had to bake a bunch of cupcakes for O's birthday. Well, I just wanted to share with you this nifty little tool I picked up. It's called the mechanical pastry bag and I got mine from Williams-Sonoma. Wilton makes one too and as far as I can tell the big difference is there tips are plastic instead of metal, in fact I bet they probably make it for Williams-Sonoma since I read somewhere that Wilton tips work with it and the Wilton one is less expensive, but I digress, we were talking about the WS one. I love it. It made frosting cupcakes a cinch and they looked so professional. I just made up a double batch of butter cream frosting and was decorating away. The kids were so impressed. So I thought I'd tell you all about it. I also bought the Wilton know, 4 kids, everyone wants to get the picture. I'll have to tell you later how that one works out.


Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

And where are the pictures of the lovely cupcakes?

I like that set. I have all these Wilton tips but I'm so sloppy with the bags . . . this looks like it could help. :)

Sabrina said...

It a bit tricky to get it loaded, but once you get it loaded, it works great! I will get a pix of the cupcakes up very soon, it was hard to get since they were getting eaten so fast, lol.

Heather! said...

I have a mall gift cert that's been hanging around since Christmas and I know exactly how to spend it now!