Thursday, August 30, 2007

So busy...

Well things have been so busy here. Two of the kidlets are back in school and one more will start after labor day and then it will just be me and the princess.
I've been working hard on home improvement projects in an effort to embrace and love the home we're in. I just cleaned out my pantry. I'm thinking maybe I hadn't done it since we moved in...imagine. Anyways, it's quite empty now. Now, I'm going to reorganize the kitchen and clear off the counter space. It's so liberating to declutter. I mean I took 3 bags of expired and dusty food items to the dump. I will probably have 2 more bags when I completely finish with the other shelf. Woohoo, we got the new floors! They look fanfreakintastic! No more soiled smelly carpet. It opens up the entire space too! I highly recommend wood flooring to anyone.
Things are advancing well in the project me arena. More on that later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Motherhood

So, I've been reading (okay, listening to it while I sew) Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner and I have to say the angst she writes about in regards to being a SAHM is spot on. I find myself nodding in agreement or chuckling at the character Kate's despair of leaving her life as an independent New Yorker to waste away her days in the burbs hanging at the playground with a bunch of competitive catty mom's who have channeled all the expertise they formally employed as professional into raising perfect little kidlets. But the irony is I live in the burbs, and I eh...know these women. What is it about motherhood that makes us crazed? I was at B&N yesterday and the section on parenting is overwhelming. Did our parents have anyone beyond Dr. Spock advising them? I think we turned out pretty well. Ok, some of us, but you know what I mean. Now we're so bogged down in doing it right instead of connecting with our children's need and listening to our guts. Even on Oprah yesterday they had mom vs. mom wars. The judgment, the superiority it was all a little much. I don't think any mom gives birth and looks at their child and says "I can't wait to fuck this little sucker up" I mean come on! Don't we all want the best for our broad? Aren't we all just trying to do it the best way we know how?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me...under construction

I'm in the process of making a major life change. It's a decision I've contemplated in the past, but now the stars seemed to be aligned in my favor and I'm pursuing it. I don't want to talk about it too much as I'm still processing everything and trying to work all the particulars out.I'm hopeful that when I enter 2008 it will be with a fresh outlook! Here's to a brighter future, one I can share with my family and really enjoy to the fullest.