Saturday, March 14, 2009


I must be feeling sentimental this morning. The kids are playing quietly in the next room and I have a moment to myself to reflect on a few things. I was just sitting here thinking how thankful I am for my life and my family. It's not a perfect life by any stretch. It's doesn't resemble the life I thought I'd have, but it seems to be the right life for me and perhaps the life I needed to make me the person I want to be. So much has happened this past year. Some bad, some good...some great. I look around at my life and I feel incredibly blessed. I have four beautiful, funny, intelligent, charming children. Each of them is a gift that I treasure, each one makes me proud of having the honor of being their mother and getting to be a steward of their lives. When I close my eyes I can easily recall each one's smile. I think about the fact that it's cold out and that I sit here warm in my home, surrounded by so many comforts, in my fuzzy slippers typing away on my nice laptop. I'm thankful that I have an education and a profession that allows me to have the things that I need and many of the things that I want. I'm thankful that I have a spouse that loves and supports matter what. I'm thankful that I have true friends that are quick to offer an ear or share a laugh. I'm thankful for my health, for my body that lets me do things I never thought I could do and that allows me to get up each day and try and be the best mother and wife...human I can be. I'm thankful that I have interest that allow me to express my creativity and that challenge me. I'm thankful that I live in this world at this time. Each and every day, I'm thankful.


Heather! said...

gratitude is just one of those things that hits you when you least expect it. glad you had the time to reflect today! don't we all need to do that more?