Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting back on the horse

Woo is me! I have really fallen off the sparkteam bandwagon. I got out of the habit when we did a huge Easter I can't seem to get back in the groove. I don't consider myself a I'm getting back on the horse. Tomorrow!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My first redondo skirt

This skirt is a euro pattern that is very popular w/the sewing mama sect. I've admired it's gored style and wanted to make one for O., so last week I did. It probably took me a bit longer to do it, since I can only sew occasionally. But I'm pleased with the outcome. I will never, ever do the bias tape on the edge again though. It was misery! It came out pretty good with the only wonkiness being the bias tape hem.
I've been sewing alot of dd. And found the perfect pattern for her today. One I've been wanting to make forever! Can't wait to get started. It's one of those cute swing top's w/cross back and bloomers. I have some wonderful fabric ready to go! I love when you find the perfect combo of pattern and fabric. It's like magic!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I've been busy!

I've really been sewing alot and online ALOT!
Mom is visiting and we're doing the whole decluttering thing. I hope it helps. I get overwhelmed very easily by the mess! It's nice to have someone come and clean and organize for you. I could so get used to this!