Sunday, March 3, 2013

The end of matriculation

Today I will officially have completed my graduate degree. I cannot believe I made it. It's been a hard journey, but I survived and I'm incredibly proud of myself and thankful for the support I got along the way. I hope the future brings me new opportunities. I know that it changed me and had enhanced my life as well. And that brings me to my bucket list. For the last 2 years I've put so many things on the back burner, but now I think I have time to really explore some new adventures.
There's a ton of changes coming soon (I'll get into those more later), but let's just say I'm excited and looking forward to the future.
Now that I have more time, I'm ready to take on some new projects on the home front. I've been scouring tons of shelter blogs getting awesome ideas, can't wait to try some out. I also have some crafting in my future as well, I have a couple quilts to finish and my little sister is having a baby so I have somethings I want to work on for her as well.
Anyway, one adventure is ending and another is just around the corner!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have to share a dirty little secret. I adore Korean Soap Operas. Actually I love all soap operas. Korean soap operas are extremely addictive, but certainly have a predictable formula to them. Essentially they are all Cinderella love triangles. Cinderella, because it's almost always a poor girl/rich guy and usually two guys are vying for the girl. The girl is usually spunky and not considered beautiful or a real catch, but always has a heart of gold. Oh, and at some point she get's a makeover and everyone ends up realizing she's super special. But, I found this vid on you tube (my new obsession for a fast laugh) by StillnotDavid that really explains how Korean Dramas explain the meaning of life. I don't know how to post the vid, so I just linked you to it above. Be sure to check it out. It's freaking hysterical.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

First planned project of the new year

Knitting is still hot, just check out the amazing site Ravelry if you don't believe me. Cowls are the new black. Super cool and chic. For my 2013 crafting kickoff, I thought I'd whip (haha) something just for moi. I plan to make the Honey Cowl and keeping with my ongoing commitment to be frugal in my crafting, I'm going to find some yarn from my stash that will work. I'm sure I have something. I'm thinking something in green, wouldn't that be fun and unexpected?