Thursday, March 26, 2009

They're bringing sexy back

WooHoo! I just caught the first episode of season three of The Tudors on Showtime on Demand. The new season doesn't actually begin until April 5th, but since we have cable I got a sneak peek and it's going to be GOOD! I'm so glad it's back. I love all the cable series, but it's so long in between each season that sometime I forget or lose interest in them. For example I loved Big Love on HBO, but I've missed the last two season because I couldn't keep up with when it would start again. I'll go back later and watch them though, it's a good show. I love the On Demand service that cable offers, I never get to watch anything when it's actually on. In fact I don't really get to watch television on a regular basis. I mostly dvr stuff (another way cool gadget) and then watch stuff in spurts.
But, anyways I just wanted to give you fair warning...The Tudors is back and it is GOOD!