Friday, September 5, 2008

More vintage love and easy peasy

After of weeks of it sitting folded on my nightstand, I finally sewed the last two buttons on the little A line dress I made from one of the patterns I got from Susan. It's actually a really simple and ingenious pattern, it's a simple aline dress that buttons at the shoulder and then a half circle collar that is separate and attaches using buttonholes. So you could actually do several collars and change up the look. I just did one. The fabric is from my stash, Robert Kauffmann (kitchy kitchen is the print name) and the green and white twill pindots from Patsy Aikens. Very nice together and I should be able to throw a turtleneck under there and some tights and make it through the winter with this dress. The other dress is super easy. I picked up a bunch of cute t-shirts dirt cheap at Walmart for O., cut them off for bodices and attached various skirts in knits and wovens for "Hanna style" playdress. So far I think I've made know you can't ever have enough playdresses. Here's one of my favorites, I used Heather Ross pink and yellow dots for the skirts and I think it gave it a fun and funky look. I still need to hem it, I'm debating if I'll just do a rolled edge in the darker pink color to give it a bit of pop or just a regular old hem. There's no modeling shot, my model is on strike. She told me she no longer likes polk a dots and promptly hid the dress (she did return it to me when I asked for it). Interestingly enough she must have more faith in my knitting skills since she told me she didn't want a dress she wanted a sweater...hmmm...demanding little cuss isn't she! Ah well, tomorrow polk a dot will be her favorite, so no worries here.