Thursday, September 11, 2008

A milestone

Today was O.'s first full day of school. She goes to a 2 day/week program, it's a big step in our house since she is the baby (and the absolute last) and now she's off to school. Yippee! Today was a blur of activity for me as I also went to the Patsy Aiken's sale and had a parent/teacher conference, but I didn't forget to mark this most important occasion with a photo of my girl. Here she is off to school in her mama made. I made the dress and her lunch bag. Notice she's wearing the previously despised polk a dot dress. I have to tell you she selected it on her own, ah my fickle girl. I tried to tame her it's sort of in a bun. I thought she looked so grown almost brings a tear to my eye...almost.


Heather! said...

She looks a tiny bit impatient to get on with her day! Love that she is she is surrounded by your handmade things. Too funny about the new love for the dress. I have a 2yo just as fickle!

Lisa said...

Aww, what a sweetie.... I love that totpack pattern you've been SNSing... Gotta get that.