Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like butter!

I just finished sewing seven, yes count them seven curtain panels. I just have 4 more that I need to make and then I'll have some window dressings for all the living room windows. Now I just need dh to hang up my new window hardware. But, what's this about butter you ask? Well, it's how wonderfully easy it was to sew them up on my little brown wonder the Viking 6440. Ahhhh...she is so smooth and the stitches are just fab. I know I've gushed about her before, but my goodness what a pleasure she is to sew on. She really does sew like butter. Here's a picture of her so you can admire her in all her splendidness!


And while I'm talking about butter I should mention my scissors. I finally broke down and took 3 pairs in to be sharpened. It's amazing that I could actually cut anything on them when I compare them to how sharp they are now. If you've been struggling with a pair of dull scissors, I urge you to run, don't walk and get those things sharpened! It'll make your life so much easier.