Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To do list

I go on vacation next week and I've made myself this long to do list. It seems crazy. I won't accomplish half of it, plus we're going to run down to the beach for a few days and tromp around Wilmington too. Why do I do this to myself? So here are some of the things I'm hoping to accomplish but probably won't get to.
1. Clean out the garage (this entails wading through countless things we don't need, but can't seem to throw away)
2. Repaint the 1/2 bath. (I might be able to get this done...but I haven't found a color I like)
3. Clean out the mb closet (what a chore. Dh thinks the floor is the 5th wall...you get my point)
4. Organize my sewing space/fabric (the space is organized the fabric is NOT!)
5. Go through the kids closets and purge/donate
6. Go through the kids toys and purge/donate (this has got to be done if I do nothing else...the toys are taking over the living room)
7. Transfer all the cds and dvds to albums and get rid of the cases.
8. Rearrange the Masterbedroom
9. Make recipe book
10. Relax!!
See what I mean...I'll never get it all done. But I guess this list is where I need to start, lol.

Speaking of fabric...I think I'm going to have to take a break from fabric shopping. I have an insane amount and I was noticing in MV (the system we use to track our spending) all my spending money is going to places like Joann's, Hancocks, Carolina Sew and Vac, Elegant Stitches, Ebay, Paypal vendors...hmmm...perhaps I might have a fabric addiction, is there a 12 step program for that?