Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On motherhood and sleep.

I don't subscribe to experts. At least I try not to. I really try and follow my instinct in regards to mothering and parenting (there is a difference in my opinion). Well today I was reading an article in the paper about how children are over scheduled (I agree) and aren't getting enough sleep. It went on to say that babies need to sleep 90 mins for every 1 hour of wake time, particularly in the first 6 mos. That moms were just going to have to learn to stay home so the baby could sleep. Whoa Nelly! The moms I know would go nuts if they had to stay home every day. I'm not saying you should spend every moment going going, but you have a life too and just because you had a baby doesn't mean you plan to stop living it. Who is this woman and did she stay trapped in her own home watching over a sleeping baby? My point is I hate (I know that's harsh), but I hate when experts tell mom's how to mother. I believe you know your baby. You are their steward and you know what's best for your individual child and hence family. All this pressure to do it this way...the right way. It makes me crazy! Feed the baby when the baby is hungry, put the baby to sleep when the baby is sleepy, take the baby outside and let the sun shine on his little face. Laugh with the baby, play with the baby, love the baby. Don't succumb to the guilt that the expert advice can lead to. Trust your heart and your instinct. You are the expert!