Monday, March 10, 2008

As promised...Mom's Monday Meal

This recipes is something simple and savory for the crockpot or slow cooker. I love the slowcooker. I love that you toss a bunch of stuff in there, turn it on low and before you know it you've got a delicious hot meal that you didn't spend all day slaving over. Who wouldn't love that?

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken A Go Go

1 whole chicken (or you can use breast or whatever parts you have)
1 can of Cheddar cheese soup
2 can of any other variety of soup you like (cream of broccoli, chicken, mushroom...)
1/2 cup of heavy cream (you can use milk too, but I'd use a bit less)
1 tsp of garlic powder
1 small chopped onion (you can cook the onions before if you like, but I don't)
Season with salt and pepper to taste (for an extra kick you can try season salt, season pepper or whatever spices you like)

For a bit more nutritional value you can add a bag of mixed veggies the last 30mins to 1 hr. of cooking

Spray slow cooker w/cooking spray. Place chicken inside. In a separate bowl mix your soups and cream together, pour it over your chicken. Add seasoning, onions, and garlic powder. Cook on high for approximately 6 hours. Don't lift lid while cooking.
Serve over rice or egg noodles for a delicious one pot feast.

*Please note that you need to know your slow cooker. I have a newer one and it is pretty hot compared to my older one, so I tend to cook things on low for longer and check it.



Lisa said...

Mmmmmm......we make a version of this and it is delicious. We don't use canned soups, though...there is a ton of preservatives in them (we call them cream of crap. LOL)...but you can just double up on the heavy cream. The cheese soup...I just add regular sharp cheddar. We also stick broccoli in towards the end....big broccoli cheese fans here. A sprinkling of fresh chives on top makes the dish!