Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My birthday girl

I'm usually don't post more than once/day. But I couldn't resist posting a candid action shot of my girl in her birthday shirt (it's hard to catch her in a pose...she's gogogo!)I whipped up a cupcake shirt for her. I did the embroidery on the front using my ellure. It's a great little machine and terribly underused, but remember I said I was going to try new techniques and challenge myself so I'm learning to use the ellure so there should be plenty of embroidery in the future. It's far from perfect...I think It's too low. I marked it higher, but got nervous that it was too high and moved it down, should have left it alone. Also I learned what you should do if your thread breaks while you're doing embroidery...after the fact. I had to handstitch a few fill in stitches, but that's ok, live and learn right? Anyways...here she is, my big girl in all her pinkness and cupcake sweetness!