Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Thrifting

I don't know if I'm a throw back to another era, but I'm extremely frugal. I can sniff out a bargain and create something from nothing better than anyone I know. I love the idea of finding something that is flawed or considered trash and turning it into a treasure. I'm like an idiot savant if I must say so myself, I can look at something and see the hidden potential in it. I can envision it as something fabulous. Well, my home is decorated in early American thrift store and I think it's time for a little polish to some of my rooms. I mean there's a fine art between your place looking like you bought everything at a thrift store and looking like bohemian chic...I'm going for bohemian chic. So, while I'm on vacation I plan to give my home a little makeover and polish. So we're heading out to 2 of my favorite thrift stores today. They are a virtual treasure trove, but like all thrift stores they are smelly and full of stuff nobody would want. You have to take your time and really look. The perfect thing will find you. What am I looking for? Vases, cool pictures and frames, lamps, fabric, kitchen ware and anything that catches my fancy...oh and a mid century looking buffet. Wish me luck! I love the thrill of the hunt. Stay tuned for pictures.