Thursday, March 13, 2008

The downside of skinny

Ok...skinny might be too strong of a word, but the downside of weight loss is that it's costing me a ton! I've given away 7 large green trashbags of too big clothes. I've been haunting thrift stores trying to keep from being naked. Now I've noticed that my sewing patterns are all too big. I've spent a fortune on these. Sure I can buy more. Of course I can...but you see my point. Being skinny is so expensive,lol. Alright, secretly (not so secretly) I'm thrilled to have this problem. When I think of the health implications of being overweight it's worth every penny I might spend clothing my thinner healthy body.
Now for the fun challenge. If you know me at all you'd know I'm frugal...frugal to the core. I can't see going out and buying a whole new collection of patterns to fit before I reach my goal weight, but I would like to use some of the ones I have. So I broke out Power Sewing and Sewing for Plus Sizes, read up on grading techniques and that's my next sewing challenge to myself. I think it'll teach me a lot about fitting and it'll save me on patternease since I won't be "drafting" a pattern from the ground up. I think this could be fun! I'll let you know how it goes and maybe post a picture or two.