Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scrappity DiDo...A block swap quilt

So I almost have enough blocks for my Oydessa quilt top. By combining the blocks from two different swaps I will have 24 12.5" blocks. I think I will arrange them 4 X 6 so that I'll have a nice size cuddle quilt. So far I've gotten some awesome blocks. Take a look. This isn't all the blocks, so this isn't my final layout, but it gives you an idea of what I'm going for. Love them. Some of them are color combos that I would have never come up with myself. I think that's really part of the fun of it. Out of the 24 blocks. I've made 3 of them myself. I'm gets easier each time a make a new block. I don't think I'll ever win any awards, but I can see that my quilting skills are improving. I'm still not 100% about how long I'll be a quilter. Here's my point, how many quilts do you really need? Isn't that a funny question coming from me? She of the massive fabric stash and 20+ sewing machines...oh and don't forget the insane amount of sewing patterns. But, really how many quilts do you really need? I'm not into wall hangings or table runners so I see my quilting career being fairly self limiting. I guess I could always make charity items. There's a thought.