Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Fitness Wrapup

Well, so far, so good. I worked out three times this week. I feel like I'm getting a routine started and that seems really essential for me to keep my momentum going. My schedule has been pretty full recently so I think making it to the gym three times is probably an obtainable and realistic goal for me. I will shot for three times this next week and try to add a walk or something on one other day. Since the weather is so warm and it doesn't get dark until so late I will try and take a walk in the evening after work on one of those days. I haven't weighed myself, but going by the clothing fit test everything is moving in the right direction. My diet is hit or miss. I will have to try and get back to meal planning and keeping a food journal. That's really the only way I don't snack too much and follow the food pyramid. Well, hope you did well in your healthy living plan, good luck next week.


Linda said...

Sabrina - you are better than me!! I have been able to go about twice a week. Not enough to compensate for all my snacking and extra eating. I weighed myself the other day and I have gained several pounds this summer and now weigh the most I ever have. Depressing. I didn't want to turn 41 and be heavier than ever. It's hard to have more resolve and juggle all the kids activities and go to the gym. The gym has limited hours for their kids room, so I always have to consider that as well. Bummer! I'm glad to know you are getting some momentum.