Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday!

Well...last weeks junk drawer cleanup was great. I'm so happy I did it. I do have 2 more drawers I'd like to go through, but all in all I was very pleased with my tackle. This week...the kitchen pantry. I need to rotate some dusty cans from the back and make my overstuffed pantry a bit more user friendly. I don't really have a system in place. But I'm going to get one. I may stop by Walmart or Dollartree and pick up a few baskets to help corral some more of the items. Maybe a couple of glass jars for sugar and rice, too. We shall see...anything is better than what was going on in there before, lol.

Here's the before

Here's the after

What do you think? I'd say it's much better. I moved all the canned goods to one shelf and put all the loose items in baskets. I used these little stackable plastic shelf thingies (technical term) to give me more shelf space on the bottom shelf since in my opinion the builder could have put one more shelf in that space since you end up with wasted space between the bottom two shelves. I couldn't believe how many canned goods I had because I couldn't visualize most of it. Now I can. Luckily I had done a major clean out about 8 month ago so there wasn't a ton to throw out. Anyway...loving the tackle. In fact, I'm now inspired to use this next month to cook from my pantry and freezer.
Next week's tackle? The dreaded hall closet of death, meaning an avalanche of coats could fall out and crush you to death.