Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bloggy Love!!

I got an award! It's a "Thank You" award. I was thanked and now I am supposed to thank 10 other bloggers. They in turn thank ten others and link back to me!

Thanks Courtney of the uber awesome blog Sister to Sister. I just love your blog! It's so flattering to be honored by such a talented woman. You inspire me!

Now to thank 10 others. I am passing this along to you because I love your blogs too!

1. Dawn of Olabelhe
2. ChiChi of Where there's a will there's a way
3. Heather of Photography by HeatherK
4. Victoria of Sew Inspired
5. Melissa of Susie-Homemaker (or so I think)
6. BGIM of BlackgirlinMaine
7. Jennifer of Moving Hands
8. Jen of Jen-Knits
9. Kat of That darn Kat

Ok, so far I've only come up with nine...but I'll work on finding one more and adding those.


Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

LoL . . . thank you for saying thank you!!