Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tackle it, revisted

Here's the after w/my table skirt camaflouging all the extra machines, patterns and what not. Much better!

Here's what's hiding away under the table...can you believe how much stuff I can store under there?

Here's the before. What a mess!

Well, feeling a bit better today which is a good thing since there are so many project, so little time. However today is a quickie since I already started on it a bit. The overflow sewing stuff in the dining room. I mostly want to organize it and camaflouge it since there really isn't anywhere else for me to move it to beside the garage and that would defeat the point of having it ready to go. Sometimes I wish I could break down and just sale some it, but I have to admit that even the thought of doing that fills me dread. I love my sewing's a big part of my stress relief and serves as a creative outlet. I don't sew every day or even every week...but I can always find my zen place when I do and I don't want to let that go. It might seem silly since I have so much...but there it is. But, that doesn't mean it can't be organized right? I made a little curtain to hide the interfacing I have stored in a little ikea cabinet. I attached it with stick on velcro...we'll see how long it holds up. I'd love to make a skirt to hide all the things under my cutting table, but I only have 4.5 yds of the fabric and I need to recover the midcentury chairs I picked up last week. In the meantime I found a huge piece of dec. weight fabric I got awhile back from my friend Rhonda, it'a a bluish gray paisley. I like the print even if I doesn't really coordinate. It will serve until I can find something that goes better. Maybe a solid or something.
Next week is my big furniture rehab. I already started by filling in all the knicks and gouges with wood putting and sanding it down. I picked up the paint today. I ended up getting Kilz One Coat from Walmart. I was surprised that it was a bit expensive...but not quite as expensive as the Benjamin Moore I had looked at the day before. I settled on painting the furniture black, a color called Black Ink. I hope it's black enough, a lot of the blacks I looked at looked sort of dusky and gray.