Friday, February 6, 2009

The perfect popper

I love popcorn and so do my kids. We go through a ton of microwave popcorn which can be fairly expensive. A blog post I read the other day got me thinking about the economics of popcorn and so began my quest for a thrifty alternative. I searched Craigslist and my usual thrift store haunts for a few week until I found a Presto Air Popper for $3 at the local Goodwill. There definitely is an art to getting great tasting air popped corn as opposed to tasteless bits of styrofoam. I've tweaked it with good results...yet I wasn't 100% satisfied. I continued my quest until I found it. It's the Nordicware microwave popper. It's awesome. I picked mine up at Target for $9 and it was money well spent. The popcorn is light and fluffy. You can use it with or without oil. I highly recommend it. In fact I'm having some popcorn right now.


Heather! said...

Real popcorn in the microwave?? I've been under a rock for sure! Thank you! Just amazon 1-clicked it. ;-)

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Cool, cool, cool!!! Gosh, I love popcorn. :)