Saturday, July 5, 2008

UFO's...they're every where

Since my sewing space is miniscule I cut fabric for projects on the dining room table and since it's kind of a pain to drag everything out, I cut a bunch of stuff at once.However, sometimes I cut more things before I finish old projects and they kind of uh hmm...back up on me. Currently I have in my to do basket the following things.
1. double duty diaper bag
2. a quilt that needs to be tied and bound (binded...whatever)
3. a pair of denim capri's for me
4. a Oliver + S tea sundress for O.
5. a sweet sundress for N.
6. 6 pairs of undies for O.
7. a bag for the gym for me
8. a pair of lounge pants for S.
9. a camp shirt for M.
10. 2 pairs of shorts for E. & M.
11. a slim t-shirt for E. from Simple + one
12. a TDK coming and going bag
13. a Miss Molly dress that I modified to be a tunic.
I think that's a lot...but I am determined to finish these things. And did I mention that I bought fingering weight yarn (sock yarn) and dpn today so I could knit some socks. Am I crazy? So, if you ever hear me complain that I'm bored and don't have a thing to do, just remind me about this list, will you?