Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So, I've been working very diligently on my UFO list. I've finished the 6 pairs of undies for O. and am almost done with N.'s birthday gift (the sundress and shirt combo), also been making tons of progress on my second knit project. I plan to spend some time sewing today. I'll finish up N.'s stuff so I can get it in the mail by tomorrow, finish my gym bag so I can use it tonight for my spin class, finish the tunic for O. and perhaps finish the TDK bag which will be part of the Christmas presents pile. It's a good start...I like to see that list getting smaller, lol.
Just thought I'd share pictures of 4 of the pairs of undies. Two aren't pictured since one was in the wash (the first pair of Ottobre ones done exactly by their directions using elastic which I don't care for) and one pair she was wearing.
The pink pair at the top right were made using the new TDK undie pattern that I was one of the lucky testers for. I like them. I love that they use c/l for the waist and legs. They are very modestly cut which is appealing too. However for O. I'd make a few modification, I sewed up size 4 without seam allowance so I guess they are like a 3 which fits her perfectly, but I feel that the front rise hits her in an odd place and could be prone to bunching so I'd raise that and I'd like a deeper leg hole because I thought they were more of a boy cut than a girl cut, but dd doesn't mind that at all since she regularly wears her brothers undies, lol. The other 3 are my version of Ottobre brief done using c/l for the waist and legs. I might try using lastin wrapped in rib knit too. Anyway, I have to say that underwear making is very addictive. You can get rid of tons of scraps and they are so cute and fast. Instant gratification projects. TDK is working on a her boy version which will be perfect since I have tons of boys scraps and my boys are much more the tighty whitey type of underwear guys than the boxer brief kind of guys which is probably why I never finished the many pair of boxer briefs I had cut out. (yeah, that's the reason).