Thursday, July 10, 2008

A birthday gift and a new toy

So, look at me, plugging away at that to do list. I finished N.'s birthday gift and go it in the mail this morning. I also have just about finished another knitting project and got the stuff to start on another one. Progress I tell you is a good thing.
I love how the dress for N's came out, but I'm not at all pleased with the neckline on the shirt...from the outside it looks fine, but the inside...I don't know and I have a feeling it might be too wide and gappy (excuse me as I make up some new words) in the back. I always have trouble with the knit neckline on Ottobre, and I don't know why exactly...I've never done one where I didn't redo it at least once, it's very frustrating. There's got to be some trick.
Oh and my beloved Pfaff serger has been acting up...I've figured out that it's the foot pedal and the machine itself is fine (although being that the company that made it is no longer in existence...not pfaff the actual manufacturer, it's only a matter of time before something happens that spells the demise of my machine). In my panic to finish my gift and of course knowing I use my serger every time I sew, I got on craigslist and found 2 used sergers that I was interested in. I checked out the reviews for them on PR and both got glowing reports and I asked the sewing mamas and each had a legion of fans. In the end it came down to age and price. The Viking was cheaper and younger than the Imagine serger. I really was impressed with how each machine serged, but I was concerned that the imagine that was at least 13 years old, but probably older and would give me some trouble. So I bought the viking. So far I like the viking 905 and as long as my pfaff keeps serging I will keep that set up for serging and the Viking set to roll hem. I'm excited about that since it's a pain in the ass to convert the pfaff to rolled hem. You have to change the needle plate, take out the left needle and change all your settings. The viking was much less involved, plus the rolled hem it produces is gorgeous. Anyways...more toys for me to play with.