Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Christmas in July case you haven't noticed I do like a good craft. So, I've decided that this year I will do even more gifts for Christmas handmade. I've already started working on them. I can't say who's getting what since my family reads this blog...but just know it's going to be awesome (lol) and created with love. Hopefully if I work hard, a little at time I will finish and not feel the pressure the holidays can bring. I know my kids don't read this blog, so I can tell you what I plan to make for them. I want to do socks for everyone, a skywalker cape for E., doll clothes for her waldorf doll for O., a big bag to carry all his train stuff, boxers and lounge pants for S. and perhaps a few other things I'm still tossing around. My children are really blessed with a lot of material things, so I want Christmas to be special...but not about the material or over the top. We did well last year with a scaled down holiday and I think everyone enjoyed it and didn't miss the over the top commericial holiday haul. So, that's what I've working on. Planning, cutting, shopping my stash and working just like a little elf to get ready for the holidays.