Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My new favorite Japanese pattern book

Move over Girly Style Wardrobe, there's a new book in town. It's called Simple + One. I've had this book for more than a year, but didn't really give it much thought. Now I absolutely love it. I wasn't sure about it at first...I guess it seemed well, too simple. I think I would call the styles classic and well, I'm a lover of the classic so this book fits my personal aesthetic to a tee. I made a t-shirt for my son in size 120 and it's absolute perfection (I'll have to add a picture later, it's in the wash). I can't wait to make more and try out some of the other patterns from it . I think I will use one of the dress patterns for O.'s holiday dress this year. I have just the perfect fabric in mind and since I will be doing all the outfits I'll be starting on it in a few short months.
Don't be deterred by the fact that the Japanese pattern books are, well all in Japanese. There are tons of pictures and arrows to get you through and generally the designs are straightforward and even a novice can produce a lovely end product. The sizing is based on height in cm and I find the fit to be pretty true to size and very similar to the euro patterns like Burda or Ottobre.
Anyway, just wanted to share my delight in something so simple.