Sunday, April 6, 2008

You don't say ?

Recently out of curiosity I added a site meter to my blog to see how much traffic I was getting. I guess I wanted to know if I was talking to myself or what...not that it really mattered you know, I would still blog. Anyway, I was pleased to see that I do get a few look sees. Unfortunately if it weren't for the meter I'd never know it because I rarely get any comments. It got me thinking...what makes a person leave a comment anyway. If you go on a blog that is "popular" do you want to leave a comment because all the cool kids did and you want to fit in. When you come to my little old blog do you see a poor girl with a skinned knee and greasy hair eating alone at the lunch table and don't want to be caught dead sitting at that table? Is the world of blogging the new lunchroom? Anyways, it's something to ponder. I don't know if it's marketing (you know spamming your blog all over the net and getting on other blogrolls) or what, but you have to admit it's a curious phenomenon...if I must say.


Laura Reaux said...

You know... I think the same thing sometimes. I have a blog and don't get many comments either. ;) I just happened to see a link to your blog in one of your posts on MDC. Cute! I'll have to check it out a bit more.