Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Amy Butler Weekender two

Alright, on to day 2. Oh, I thought of another hint to share as you embark on making this bag. After you read through the instructions you'll realize that her way of organizing them is a bit unusual. She has you cutting out pattern pieces and fabric 3 separate steps. I understand why she does this, but kept having to get pattern pieces out to use again. So read through and take note of what all you need to cut for the exterior,interior lining, timtex/peltex and interfacing and cut everything out in the beginning. What I mean is cut all the pieces that need to be cut using a particular pattern piece and then put that pattern piece away. That's what I'd highly recommend to someone who likes to be organized when they start on a project. Get all your pieces together and cut them out systematically.
Well...I think today I will cut out the five gazillion strips I need to make the piping. Some reviews I read said they used bought piping or bias tape, God knows I would have too if I could have found some that worked with my fabric choices. Sadly, I'm left to make my own. It's pretty simple though. You find the true bias of the fabric and cut strips at 45 degrees and then miter them together to make even longer strips, lol. Here's a cool site to learn how to make your own bias tape in several different ways.
So this is me cutting out my fabric strips and then sewing them around the purchased cord to make coordinating piping for my bag


Carole Shaffer said...

do you use a piping foot or just a regular foot?