Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The freak in me

Although, I've encountered a vast virtual world of fellow crafters, in my real life I only know two people who enjoy crafts as much as I do. One is a friend from high school (hey Linda!) and one is a friend I met through an online sewing forum (hey Dawn!). I think that's odd that I haven't met more in my day to day life, because I can't imagine living my own life without some type of creative outlet. Yet, when asked about my crafts (namely sewing) and I begin to talk about them with the passion I feel, I often get the response " sew or knit" along with a look that says that I suddenly sprung a second head. When asked how I spend my week (which generally entails some type of domestic pursuit) I get the response "You're such a good mom"...yet something inside tells me there's a bit of mocking colored with envy in these remarks. Sure they'd like to be able to whip up this or that, but do they actually want to do it? Call me a freak, but I actually love being at home creating and cooking (notice how I left out cleaning)...generally doing things previously thought to be relegated to the role of housefrau. I love when my children say things like "Mommy will you make me this or that" or "Mommy, can we cook". I think of these experiences as my way of scrapbooking (a craft I abandoned with all due haste). Years from now when my children think back on their childhoods they'll recall the sound of my sewing machine and the smell of warm bread. Why, what could be a better memory than that?


Matt said...

Sabrina - I don't know anyone who sews with as much enthusiasm as I do other than you. I occasionally "talk" in the virtual world with strangers. I know people here who do a lot of sewing - but not like me and you. We don't call and talk about patterns or fabric. I have a friend in Texas who is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants, self-drafting, never use a pattern kind of girl. But, with 3 kids under 4 (one a newborn), she has no time for it and thus is not a large part of our conversations. so, like you, I have two people I can chat about this.

As Woody said - you have a friend in me!