Saturday, April 5, 2008

Handmade vs. Homemade

I realize to many there's a big difference and one brings up images of fashion less, shoddy, cheapness and shabby and one brings up an image of artistry, creativeness, quality and uniqueness. Can you guess which is which?
A few weeks ago my mother and I had a conversation and it went something like this. I was talking to her about how I really have never purchased clothing for dd since she's been born w/the exceptions of undies, tights, coats and shoes. She's had a lot of hand me downs from friends and a ton of mama made and how I plan to make all her clothes for the summer and next fall. There was this long pregnant pause and then she says..."well...does the stuff look homemade (or something to that effect). This is from the woman that bought my sisters and I our first sewing machine and signed us for summer sewing lessons. Even she was looking down her proverbial nose at homemade. Honestly...isn't homemade synonymous with handmade. I mean if you make something at home isn't that being made by hand. But homemade lacks cache. It's the ugly stepsister, the mangy dog in the lexicon of craft talk. I've even succumb and find myself correcting it in my's not homemade, rather it's mama made or handmade. Ah well, I still plan to create my handmade stuff at home.