Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amy Butler Weekender bag...day five

Geez, this bag is taking me forever. Well in all fairness, I guess if I actually got time to sit down and sew, it would go a bit faster, lol. I didn't do any sewing for the last day or so and tonight I have JLR, where I won't sew myself, but will work with the girls I teach sewing to on their projects. I have purchased a machine for one of the girls. I hope she likes it. It's a singer touch and sew and it seems to be in great condition. See, here it is!

Ok, back to the bag. Attached the exterior side pockets and top and bottom panel pieces together. I had to do a bit of handsewing to the bottom where I just couldn't quite catch the piping and panel piece smooth and flatly on my machine. I have to say the Viking is performing splendidly! I will make my bias stripes wider next time to have a bit more fabric to sandwich and worry about trimming it down later. It's coming along wouldn't you say? Starting to look like actual luggage. I think my mom will like it.