Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thrift Scores

I love a good thrift store and I hadn't been in a few weeks so I thought I'd run by a couple of my favorites this week, plus one new one. I've found some great stuff. I found a Coach might be a knockoff, I don't know...but it's a pretty good one if it is, I paid $4.95 for it. I found one of those yarn project folding baskets for $2.99. I found three sewing patterns for $.75, 2 yds of cotton fun polk a dot fabric for $2. A wonderfully seasoned cast iron skillet (not as big as the one was hunting...but perfect nonetheless) for $10 and a ton of clothes for O. and the boys. Sometimes I can find clothing so cheaply that it doesn't even pay to sew them...although I do like to sew still.
The thrifting brings me to mind that I'm going to have to tighten my belt significantly. Our tenants just gave notice last night and I don't know how long it will be before I will find some one to rent the place. I'm so sad to see them go. They were tidy, quiet and not once did they pay the rent late. I had one last hurrah before I knew they were moving out. I was at Tuesday Morning yesterday where I scored a ton of yarn and a Boye needlemaster set, but today I'm feeling like I should return everything. I'm not loving the needlemaster set and even if it's cheap, if it's not fun to knit on then it's not a bargain right? I'm used to addy's and knitpicks and the needlemasters don't seem very smooth or fast. I'm knitting a scarf for O. out of 100% wool and it's so grabby. I'll try a bit more and if I'm still struggling I'll return them this afternoon. I belong to a co-op and I was saving up for some Hiya-Hiya's, they are suppose to have an interchangeable set coming out.
I guess this a great motivation to continue with the deal a friend and I struck. We are pledging to shop our own stash for craft project. It's very reasonable for me to do fact I don't know why I keep buying more stuff. I have so much yarn and fabric it's really insane. So...I'm saying it here, I'm on a moratorium. I have 2 co-op buys outstanding, but then no mas...I'm shopping at that exclusive boutique Chez Sabrina, lol.


Heather! said...

Bummer about the tenants! You totally seem like the type of person who can shift (budget) priorities pretty seamlessly. Hope you can find someone new before too long!

I should look and see the sizes of all the unused addis and circs I have---a ton! I haven't knit in ages and actually prefer crochet for kids hats.

Chi-Chi said...


You know, one of the biggest reasons I haven't taken to sewing is exactly because I can get a whole bag full of clothing at the thrift store for how much it would cost for the fabric! I've sewn baby carriers, though, because it turned out to be a whole lot less expensive than purchasing and you don't find them second-hand. Anywhoo . . . great scores!! I think aside from being cheaper than buying new, thrift store cast iron cookware sometimes come very well seasoned . . . I love it!

Sorry to hear about your tenants. Here's to hoping that you will find some new tenants who are just as easygoing and pleasant very soon. I agree about returning the Needlemaster . . . I have a denise set that I now despise. LoL@ shopping the stash . . . I feel like such an un-authentic knitter--my stash is actually quite unimpressive. If Chez Sabrina is fabulous and flyy, no need to go anywhere else! ;)

Btw . . . how's that quilt coming. You thought I forgot. LoL.

Oh, and I am passing along the Supreme Scribbler Award to you b/c as you know, I heart your blog. Here's the linky:

Stephanie said...

Which thrift stores do you like? I go to some consignment shops for the kids but still haven't branched out.