Saturday, November 22, 2008

I won! I won! I won!

Lot's of the craft type blogs have awesome giveaways and although I don't consider myself to be particularly lucky in that manner, I decided to enter one recently and I won! My prize finally arrived and I couldn't be more excited. It came from Dawn of the blog Olabelhe and it's the niftiest little portfolio and pencil roll ever. It's just so clever and just the perfect item for journal writing, list making me. I've told her that she definitely needs to sale these. Her craftmanship is superb and wouldn't you like to have one too?


Dawn said...

Yeah, I am so glad that you like it! Maybe I will try to make a few and sell them in my Etsy store.

Heather! said...

Yay, you! That's so clever! My 4yo would love that!!

I moved the blog over here

You've made the top 10 cut in my google reader. :-)

Chi-Chi said...

Oh, it is lovely. I'm an avid journal writer and that would have just made my day! Congrats on winning!! Woohoo. :)

Dawn, I definitely think you should try to sell them in your Etsy store.