Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clutter Control Update

It's been awhile since I talked about my efforts to purge and get organized. I must say I've been doing pretty well. Things didn't turn out exactly how I had planned, however I learned a few lessons along the way. First off, I actually like my stuff. Of course I probably have more stuff than I should, but I'm not an impulse shopper, in fact generally I'm a bargain shopper and take awhile to make a purchase. I have come to realize that I don't want or desire a minimalist life. I want to have a life with purpose that is filled with the people and things that I love. For some it might seem like too much, but I've come to realize for me it's just enough most of the time. Of course I go through periods where there are too many toys lying around, too many clothes to wash or I need to take a break from buying yarn or fabric. But overall I'm okay with having material possessions. That's a huge realization for me. It seems sort of counter intuitive to other aspects of my life and my desire to lead a less consumer driven life. I think I combat that by recycling and reusing as much as I can in my life.
I have also come to realize that the key for me was not necessarily purging down to the bare bones...but purging excess stuff and getting what remained organized. I've been doing that by looking at our life with clear eyes. What do we need? What do we use? Could this be better used by someone else? I've been honest and realistic about what our needs are and that has been refreshingly liberating. I've also invested in some organizational systems and enlisted all my family members to play a part. Our home has never been so clean and organized. It feels good to reach a balance. It was surprisingly so much easier than I thought it would be. There's a new calm and sense of harmony in our home. I seem to have a bit more time with the kids and to do things we all enjoy. Maybe it's because I don't feel as stressed and overwhelmed by everything.
When I originally planned this blog post I thought I would talk about letting go of material things, but I think what I've been able to let go of has been so much more significant.


ClutterControlFreak said...

Beautiful post! In the world of organizing it can be easy to feel less than organized by comparison if we keep more than the minimalist’s portion of 'stuff'. Bravo for being able to let that go!

:) Eva