Monday, July 16, 2007

Ode to the microwave

Oh how I love and depend on you. Why did you leave me right when I needed you most? I can't believe you're gone. How I long for you to return. I will find another one that reminds me of you in size and the warmth you give. Oh Microwave how I miss thee!

No seriously my microwave inexplicably bit the dust this morning right when I was getting ds some breakfast. I'm devastated! I will definitely be making the trek to the thrift store for a temp fix until I can get the hood replaced. Maybe I'll get something super cool and fancy. Ahhh...the possibilities! However I can't even imagine more than a few hours without a microwave in this house.

Oh and on another note S. comes home today! Very excited to see him and honestly do hope he had a good time.