Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In another life.

I think I would have made a good farmers wife. Living out by ourselves. Depending on my own two hands to care for my family. All the domestic pursuits that I love. Cooking, sewing, caring for my family. In another life I would have gotten up with the chickens and mixed up the biscuits for breakfast, brewed the coffee and scrambled the eggs. In another life I would have gone to my garden instead of the farmers market. In another life my bread would be made by hand...left to rise under a blue and white tea towel. In this life though. I use my beloved Kitchenaid standmixer. Can I just say how I love this thing. My dh got it seven years ago for mother's day. I know, you're not suppose to get appliances for a gift like that, but I really wanted it. I use it all the time. I love the sound of it clunking along. I love the things that I make with it. I love my Kitchenaid!