Friday, July 27, 2007

Japanese crafting goodness

So...I'm on a Japanese craft book sewing kick. It makes me happy, because it brings me back to my time living in Japan. I'm so excited to make the cute little things for O. I just got 2 more books from YesAsia today! I'm in heaven. They're so cute and the designs seem fairly simple to manage even if I don't read Kanji.
I made my first item from the book Girly Style Wardrobe. A very simple cross front dress. I made it out of Chez Ami licorice floral. It's a size 100cm. it's a tad big, but will probably shrink a bit more with washing. It's super cute and O. looks like a doll in it. I love that chez ami line too. It's one of my most favorites that she ever did.