Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm so happy

That I can sew! It's so liberating! Who knew something so simple would bring me so much happiness. There's no getting around it. I'm plus size, big, zaftig, fullfigured, curvy, pleasingly plump...FAT! I'm ok with it, usually, but the lack of clothing options is depressing. I mean why does Fat=matronly and dowdy. I fancy myself youthful and hip...dare I say cool. I want to wear fun prints and things that don't resemble tents and mumus. I want to wear stuff that enhances my figure and not hides it. I want to strut and twirl, not slink along in polyester. So...taking needle and thread in hand, I've made some clothes that I feel good wearing. I've made some t-shirts and skirts and I'm working on some capri's too. There's alot of cool plus size patterns out there now, thanks to the now thin Kaliyah Ali. Plus I've tried my hand at pattern drafting and made a totally kicking a line skirt. It looks great if I must say so myself. Once I shave my legs I'll take a picture,LOL!