Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work on it Wednesday

I really need your help, pick a color any color. I can't decide and thus am paralyzed with indecision. I'd like to paint the half bath and our master bedroom. I know I keep saying that, but I can't decide on a color. Currently our master bedroom is a sage green (Laura Ashley Olive #3 to be precise) and it's been that color for seven years. It's a nice calm neutral, but I really am ready for a change. My home is generally done in warm autumnal colors. I've been thinking about some shade of light blue though. I think I could pair it with accents of red or black for a fresh modern look. The color for the bathroom...I'm open. I just need to do something in there. It's used to have a wallpaper border but E. removed part of it, so I removed the rest of it. I think a solid wall color would be better. So, what's your opinion. What color do you like best? I'd definitely like to get it painted soon, I mean what am I waiting's just paint after all.


♥Aubrey said...

What about a blue color with a gray undertone? These are lovely colors and i'm sure which ever one you choose will look great :)
I would go with the second one!
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Heather! said...

When we redid our bathroom it took me weeks (okay more than a month or *cough* two) to decide. I finally went with a dark shade of green that is neither kelly green or foresty. It was that or a navy blue, but I couldn't find the right navy. I have white wainscotting and a plain white shower curtain.

I think my fave is that teal/bluish one all the way on the left. I have several khaki rooms and it goes well with that color blue + yellows or blacks.

rambling.... I think my husband would faint if I suggested any more painting anytime soon!

Joy said...

I have a sign-in name just for you...this isn't so much a comment as much as a let-you-know-what's-up message...there was a cell phone found in the freezer at work- could it be yours? It is being kept at the charge nurse area- you came to mind when I heard! Hope you are having a great week!

Joy said...

the second blue one, maybe in shades...maybe one accent wall. This is coming from the queen of all neutrals, khaki-lover extraordinaire.