Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work on it Wednesday

Well, I definitely need to work on getting myself to the gym, but since that's only an hour out of my life, I really should come up with something else to do with the rest of my day. I think I'll finish putting together my recipe collection. I've worked on it before and I have it about 70% done, but since I have so many recipes it's taking me a while to finish it all. I also want to split it up into two volumes, a dessert one and a main course/sides one. If I have time I think I might go through the kids shoes and get rid of the ones that no longer fit. Seems simple enough right?. Nothing super exciting, but hey that's life in fast lane. Next week though, I'm going to tackle that junk drawer. It's a mess so I need a week to mentally prepare, lol.