Friday, June 26, 2009

In Search of...

Time. Today I was thinking about all the diy projects I wanted to work on this summer and things I'm in search of for the house. I'm looking for some end tables for the living room. I have end table in there right now, but the style does not jive at all. I'm not into matchy matchy at all but I've gone too far in the opposite direction. I think the same or similar style might look better. I don't think it will take me too long to locate some. In fact I know just the place to start looking. I want to finish some painting projects. Mister and I finally settled on a color for the bedroom, I'm excited. Goodbye green...hello sophistication! I really really really want to relocate my sewing stuff. I have a tiny sewing nook in a converted storage room and my overflow stuff is in the dining room. It's the stuff in the dining room that needs to find a new home. Our dining room is our only eating area as well as the first room you encounter when you walk in, it's a nice size, but performing so many function it's apt to look cluttered. I'd like the sewing stuff gone and the dining room reduced to just having two functions (dining/home office) instead of the three it currently has. I also really need to do another purge of the kids clothes. I guess when you have 4 kiddos you can end up with a lot of clothes somehow...go figure.
The problem however is when you make these long mental list you begin to put pressure on yourself to finish. Then you wind up feeling like you don't have enough time to finish all you had planned. Which in itself is ludicrous since none of these task are life shattering or on a particular timeline, they are just things I'd like to do. So maybe I should really be in search of patience and perspective. Stuff will get done when it gets done, right?


Heather! said...

Isn't it amazing the mental to-do lists we walk around with? I only ticked off one thing today---crib taken down and black out curtains hung up. My craft area is in disarray, but I have a sewing project in mind so that's next! In your end table search if you come across any sleek bedside tables in a chain store/online let me know!