Friday, October 31, 2008

Unfinished Business

I'm issuing a public challenge to myself. Perhaps by putting it all out there I will be compelled to finish. I started a quilt for O. last year intending to finish it for her birthday. Well, it remains incomplete, many, many months later. I still have to quilt it and add the binding. I have to admit that while I love looking at quilts and admire the artistry and beauty of them...I'm not a quilter. I don't enjoy it, in fact I find it mindnumbingly boring. But...I started it and I should finish it. So...I'm getting it out of storage and I going to finish this thing for Christmas. You see I want our Christmas to be simple and I want the gifts to be thoughtful and lovingly given; and by george if I ever finish this quilt it will indeed be because I love that little wild haired girl! No excuses...the quilt must be finished.


Heather! said...

Yes! You will finish it. I will commit to my Christmas sewing project of doll quilts for each girl and small blankets for their toy horses. It's going to be beautiful and so loved as she grows. Your kids are just so lucky to have you and have it such an everyday thing to enjoy handmade goodness. You're very inspiring!

Chi-Chi said...

No excuses!!

I will happily send you daily e-mail reminders if you need it!

I want to see that quilt finished!!

BTW, it's coming out very nicely.

And I know a thing or two about stalled projects. Think about how good it feels when it's finally, finally done! :)