Thursday, October 16, 2008

My silly ones!

I wanted to get a picture of O. in her Oliver + S lazy days skirt and her brothers insisted on being in the picture. It was hard to get them to stay still and pose for a picture. I thought they were pretty funny though. The lazy days skirt is really fun and easy. A great use for a small amt. of scrap fabric and something to do with all that ribbon and trim I've purchased, lol. I see many, many more of these in O.'s future.


Dawn said...

OMG Sabrina, they are so gorgeous!

Heather! said...

What a hilarious series of pics! That skirt is just lovely! What a cute print! We had my 4yos bday party at a gym in May and it was a blast! So nice to only have to worry about the cake!

Stephanie said...

So cute. My dd has a pair of pants out of that cupcake fabric.