Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Bill and the lost art of letter writing

You know that children's channel noggin? Well it's on at my house quite a bit. I like's really is like preschool on tv, just like they say, lol. Last night I happened to catch an episode of "Little Bill" (hey you get sucked in) that talked about letter writing. LB noticed that members of his family were getting letters and he wanted one too. His father explained that to get a letter, he needed to write a letter. It got me thinking. I used to be a great letter writer and really enjoyed it. Now with email, instant messaging and free unlimited long distance I can't recall the last time I actually took pen to paper to write a letter. It's really is a lost art. So, I've decided that for my Christmas present to myself I will purchase some lovely stationary and make a point to write one letter a month to someone. I mean I should be able to handle one letter a month shouldn't I? I think I know just who I will start with. I think it's important to take time to do things in our life with purpose and that add a layer of richness that we sometimes forget about. I think writing on beautiful paper with a beautiful pen will make the letter writing experience all that more pleasurable.
There are a couple of places in town that sale papery (is that what it's called?) that I will check out and see what I can find. Oh, maybe I'll get one of those stamps off ebay that says "from the desk of..." or something catchier. I'm excited. Letter writing, who knew?


Chi-Chi said...

LoL . . .sounds quite lovely and yes, I think one letter a month is quite manageable. I'm a big fan of stationery/pens and personally, I would *love* to receive a handwritten letter.

BTW, your blog is fabulous. I love reading it! :)

Wendy said...

I am thrilled at how inspired you are to write a letter!

I maintain a letter writing web site over at I hope you'll come for a visit!