Friday, August 22, 2008

Time on my hands

My friend and I were talking about what our plans were now that all our children would be in school. What to do...what to do. Write the next great American novel, sing, dance...sleep? I've been thinking a lot about my house. I go through phases and right now I'm in a "let's get this place in shape" phase.
So I was thinking that I needed a list. List are good, list keep you focused and on track.
So what projects do I want to do you ask? Well starting on the inside
1. Purge the closets...too many clothes is the cross I bare and an ongoing battle, but it must be done.
2. Paint the 1/2 bath. I have the perfect color in mind
3. Finish organizing all my recipe notebooks. I have 3, but would like there to be one neat and comprehensive one.
4. The garage... This might take a long while...but I am determined.
5. Make curtains and slipcovers for the living room. I know I'm back to the slipcovers, but I'm not completely happy with the surefit ones...custom really is the way to go.

1. Landscaping the yard.
2. Redoing the's just sad I tell you.

That should keep me busy for the year don't you think? Wow, now I'm starting to think I won't have enough time,lol.