Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer or Fall

I can't decide what type of sewing I should be doing. Summer weather last well in to early October here (last year our community pool didn't close until the end of September) and our winters are pretty mild. I feel like I should really be thinking about sewing fall stuff, but it's so hard to do when it's 100 degrees outside. I've been going through my fabrics and patterns trying to plan transitional type outfits that will lend themselves to layering and make it through for several seasons. I'm trying to stretch my idea of a fall color palette too since I have a lot of brightly colored fabrics and in my mind they say spring/summer and not fall. Anyway along those lines I went to JA's today because you know, they were having a sale on patterns (well they weren't, but Hancocks was and I had a flyer so it was like JA's was, ya know) and Simplicity has several cute dresses for O. for the fall...of course none of the new patterns were in yet so it was a big tease. But, I'm thinking I really should buckle down and do a bit of sewing for myself. I've got some really great patterns I want to try out. So, perhaps this week that's what I will do.