Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have desperately wanted to take a sewing class to improve my sewing skills and challenge myself. It never seems to work with my schedule. I did take a quilting class a year and half ago...loved it, but I haven't managed to take anything else. I thought I had found the perfect solution, a local seamstress was planning to teach a class at an area center. Great, Awesome, Couldn't wait...I show up and I'm the only student...well, needless to say, the class has been rescheduled to next month. Problem, A. will be taking his computer class, which he claims will bring us fortune and good things, yea right! Anyway, I was hugely...hugely disappointed. But after a small pity party I have decided to forge ahead. I have tons of books, a great area library, the internet and several friends that sew.
So, I'm going to tackle different types of seams (flatfelled, flatlocked, welted, hongkong), I'm going to improve my zippers, improve my buttonholes, improve my finished product, attempt drafting, make a coat, make those slipcovers. I'm going to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. I was disappointed, but now I'm determined to do all the things I want to do and know I can. It's a good feeling.
I'm also going to use all the fun tools I have like my coverstitcher and embroidery machine. I even got out my CS and worked on 2 UFO's last night. I think this week I will complete the UFO undies I have cut out. That's another thing...I'm going to try to sew a bit each day. It's about practice and improving...I remember Stephen King writing that he wrote a bit each day to improve and that he could see a big difference from his early work to his later work. That's true...practice does make perfect...or at least practice brings improvement.