Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey, didn't I see that in a catalog?

I've recently been checking out a ton of home/diy blogs. While they are full of great ideas and talented folks. I'm having a bit of an issue with them. I can't seem to find anyone to relate to style wise. Where are the blogs from folks living in architecturally challenged tract homes in the burbs? Where are the homes and ideas from people who don't try and copy every page from the latest Pottery Barn, Ballard Design or Crate and Barrel catalog. I know these are uber popular and I think these bloggers are very talented. But, I am honestly just sick to death of that whole look and the endless sea of imitators. I keep hearing that Living Colour song "Cult of Personality" playing in my head. I mean is that what design is all about? Maybe I've been watching too much Project Runway and Design Star lately, but haven't I seen this all before? I struggle with this. A lot. I have a love hate relationship to some degree I suppose. I want to be inspired. I want style on a budget. I just don't want my place to look like your place or good forbid PB's place. When I got my first apartment I think I had a sort of contemporary style. Lots of glass; minimalism to some degree. Then I went through the requisite country modern and shabby chic phases. Forever and ever I thought my style was eclectic and perhaps it still is. But you know in my old age (lol!) I think I've become...gasp, a traditionalist. Okay, perhaps a new traditionalist. I like dark wood and clean lines, but I don't want to look like my room leaped off the pages of Pottery Barn. I mean it's fine for some, but it's just so...well, so you know Pottery Barn. I don't want a room that is matchy matchy. I want a room that is unified yet still unique. I like mixing pieces from different eras. I have a fondness for items from the 1960's and 70's. I love skinny exposed legs on furniture. But I also love color and comfort. I love thrift and rehabbing stuff. I don't like spending a lot of money on stuff. It just doesn't make sense to me when you have four young children and three of them are boys. Am I wrong to feel this way? Am I missing something by not waiting with baited breath for the newest Crate and Barrel or Ballard Design catalog to land in my mailbox? Don't get me wrong I know there's a place out there for that stuff. Perhaps it's my age beginning to show. I no longer need my style defined for me. Let's face it, I like what I like. I don't care anymore if Better Homes and Garden's ever comes knocking on my door to photograph my perfectly designed and decorated home. But, if I see one more linky loo that says "Ballard Design knock off..." I think I'm going to scream...loud! Can't it just be "cool rehabbed dresser by me"? Yet, I want to be inspired hence how I came across all the blogs. So where are they? Where are you suburban living free thinking decorating wannabees? Get to posting people, so you know...I can copy you.


Shea said...

Good for you! My home is so not match-matchy. Mainly because I inherited a lot of stuff from my grandparents and they pretty much had no style at all. Everything is a big jumble of antiques or vintage stuff at my place. I've only added one couch and one chair to the mess, but it's all (sort of) starting to come together. Now if only I could replace the carpets and repair my hardwood flooring, life would be great.

Heather said...

While I love to look at BHG and decor8 blog and the like, my home will never be that. I think we have a similar sort of aesthetic --is that the word I'm looking for--- there is design, but there is also thrift and function and flexibility. I love evolving the look of my household every now and again with what we have on hand or a piece or two that catch my eye. I'm not sure if that makes sense---I'm really just procrastinating packing! ;-)