Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thrift Store Love!

The past few weeks have been awesome thrift store shopping weeks. I got a bunch of shorts for me and the boys for next to nothing. Some great sewing patterns for $.25/each. A great vintage book on clothing constructions called The Bishop Method of clothing construction. I found a wicker hanging file storage basket to store my home management binder in. I found 2 awesome barrel lamp shades ($2/each) that I gussied up with black grograin ribbon. I found a bunch of assorted clear glass vases that I will spray paint with various colored glass paint (scored for $.99 a can at Ollie's). I'm contemplating purchasing a buffet of Craigslist for storage by the front door. I really want to have a place to put all those shoes (they are driving me nuts). I'm on the fence though, because I've sort of been on this use what you have, repurpose it kick. I also found a nice sized ceramic mixing bowl and a tall square glass storage jar to put my coffee beans in.
All these great finds are inspiring me to do a bit of rehabbing. I have to laugh, I mean I'm always in a constant state of home rehab. I wonder if I'll ever finish or be satisfied with it. Probably not. There's so many things I want to do. I wish I had a bit more time. The latest thing I want to buy for myself is miter box. I really would like to do some crown molding in the dining room and if I could do it myself I would save a ton. I also need to make curtains for all the bedrooms. We've had miniblinds forever...but I think I'm over that look, fabric is where it's at. I just need to finish painting the bedroom first. Oh and I've been thinking of doing a tufted headboard in our bedroom. I wouldn't have to start from scratch. I have a headboard from IKEA that I can repurpose. Also I have a rustic table in my kitchen that I'd like to do a high end fakout on. I have some ideas, now to find the supplies inexpensively. I'm still thinking about the end tables. I found something close to what I had in mind at thrift store for $22/each, but I think I'm going to hold out for the exact ones I want. Or who knows I might just use what I have and redo it. I mean after all a little paint, a little fabric, a little glue can make for an amazing transformation. Plus who knows, I might find a better deal to boot. Where to start? Where to start?